Section 3.03  COMPENSATION.
   Effective November 9, 2016, the salary for the office of Mayor shall be at the rate of 20 cents per capita, and the salary for the office of Councilmember shall be set at the rate of 10 cents per capita. The per capita numbers utilized shall be the population as of the date of approval of this revision as set forth in the most recent population estimate of the Bureau of Economic and Business Research of the University of Florida. The annual salary of the Council shall not be increased by more than the increase in the Consumer Price Index, or the annual increase given to City employees, whichever is lower. The annual salary shall be reviewed during the City's annual budget process. No increase in salary shall become effective until October 1.
(Ord. 92-28, passed 9-17-92)  (Adopted by electorate 11-3-92) (Amendment adopted by electorate 11-8-16)