Section 3.11  CITY ATTORNEY.
   3.111  Appointment or employment.  The city council shall appoint or employ a city attorney and such assistant attorney(s) as required to act as legal advisor(s) to the council and officials of the city as designated in [subsection] 3.123(b) and serve at the pleasure of the council.
   3.112  Qualifications. The city attorney shall be a practicing attorney with at least five (5) years' experience and practice in the courts of the state of Florida.
   3.113  Duties.
   (a)   General. The city attorney, and/or his assistant attorney(s), shall perform such professional duties as may be required by ordinance or resolution of the council, or as prescribed for city attorneys under the general laws of the state of Florida, that are not inconsistent with the specific provisions of this charter.
   (b)   Legal advisor. The city attorney, and/or assistant attorney(s), shall provide required legal advice to the council and to the city manager. Officially constituted boards, committees, and commissions of the city, relating to their official duties, may obtain legal advice upon the approval of the council.
   3.114  Remuneration.  The council shall determine the remuneration to be paid the city attorney and/or assistant attorney(s).
(Ord. 92-28, passed 9-17-92)  (Adopted by electorate 11-3-92)