This article shall not apply to the following types of residential real properties or residential circumstances:
   (A)   Transient and tourist hotel occupancy as defined in Cal. Civil Code, Section 1940(b), and properties that have obtained a City of Oxnard short term vacation rental permit and are operating in compliance with that permit and regularly remitting the required transit occupancy tax demonstrating active use as a vacation rental property.
   (B)   Housing accommodations in a nonprofit hospital, religious facility, extended care facility, licensed residential care facility for the elderly, as defined in Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 1569.2, or an adult residential facility, as defined in Chapter 6 of Division 6 of Title 22 of the Manual of Policies and Procedures published by the State Department of Social Services.
   (C)   Dormitories owned and operated by an institution of higher education or a kindergarten and grades 1 to 12, inclusive, school.
   (D)   Housing accommodations in which the tenant shares a bathroom or kitchen facilities with the owner who maintains their principal residence at the residential real property.
   (E)   Single-family owner-occupied residences, including a residence in which the owner-occupant rents or leases no more than two bedrooms.
   (F)   A duplex in which the owner occupied one of the units as the owner's principal place of residence at the beginning of the tenancy, so long as the owner continues in occupancy.
(Ord. No. 3012)