(A)   For a tenancy for which just cause is required to terminate the tenancy under this article, if an owner of residential real property issues a termination notice based on a no-fault just cause as defined in section 27-4, the owner shall, regardless of the tenant’s income, provide a direct payment to the tenant as described in subsection (C) below.
   (B)   If an owner issues a notice to terminate a tenancy for no-fault just cause, the owner shall notify the tenant of the tenant’s right to relocation assistance and all other rights pursuant to this section.
   (C)   The amount of relocation assistance shall be equal to: (i) two months of the tenant's rent that was in effect when the owner issued the notice to terminate the tenancy, or (ii) $5,000, whichever is greater. Any relocation assistance shall be provided within 15 calendar days of service of the notice.
      (1)   If a tenant fails to vacate after the expiration of the notice to terminate the tenancy, the actual amount of any relocation assistance or rent waiver provided pursuant to this subsection shall be recoverable as damages in an action to recover possession.
      (2)   The relocation assistance required by this section shall be credited against any other relocation assistance required by any other law.
   (D)   An owner’s failure to strictly comply with this section shall render the notice of termination void.
(Ord. No. 3012)