(A)   Before an owner of residential real property issues a notice to terminate a tenancy for just cause that is a curable lease violation, the owner shall first give notice of the violation to the tenant with an opportunity to cure the violation pursuant to Cal. Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1161(3). If the violation is not cured within the time period set forth in the notice, a three-day notice to quit without an opportunity to cure may thereafter be served to terminate the tenancy.
   (B)   Any written notice to cease or correct must:
      (1)   Be dated and served upon the tenant, pursuant to at least one of the methods authorized under Cal. Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1162, as may be amended;
      (2)   Inform the tenant that failure to cure may result in the initiation of eviction proceedings;
      (3)   Inform the tenant of the right to request a reasonable accommodation;
      (4)   Inform the tenant of the contact number for the city; and
      (5)   Include a specific statement of the reasons for the written notice to cease or correct with specific facts to help the tenant determine the date(s), place(s), witness(es), and/or circumstance(s) that support the reason(s) for the eviction.
(Ord. No. 3012)