(A)   The city shall facilitate a training class as part of the permit simplicity certified professionals program. The class shall provide instructions about:
      (1)   The permit simplicity certification permit process;
      (2)   Examining plans for compliance with the city's building codes, and other applicable laws pertaining to public health and safety; and
      (3)   The administrative aspects of permit processing for which the permit simplicity certified professional is responsible when certifying plans.
   (B)   Training shall be offered at times and in locations selected by the city, but at least twice per year. Information about registering for the training class shall be posted on the city's website.
   (C)   The city may charge a fee not to exceed the city's administrative costs for facilitating the training.
   (D)   Upon successful completion of the training, an applicant shall receive a certificate and registration number, which enable the applicant to certify projects and to otherwise participate in the Permit Simplicity Certified Program.
   (E)   A permit simplicity certified professional shall be required to participate in a training once every building code cycle to maintain eligibility. The city may require additional training for any updates to the building and development code in the interim.
(Ord. No. 2991)