(A)   The State Department of Conservation shall have 45 days from its receipt of a financial assurances proposal to prepare comments. The director shall prepare a written response to any comments received from the State Department of Conservation. Such written response shall describe the disposition of the major issues raised by the State Department of Conservation. Additionally, if the director's position is at variance with any of the recommendations made or objections raised in the State Department of Conservation's comments, the written response shall address, in detail, why specific comments and suggestions were not accepted.
   (B)   The director shall forward to the applicant copies of any written responses received from the State Department of Conservation, as well as the responses prepared by the director.
   (C)   If the State Department of Conservation does not comment within 45 days of receipt of the financial assurances proposal, the director shall assume that the cost estimates contained within the proposal are adequate unless there is reason to determine that additional costs may be incurred.
(Ord. No. 2579)