(A)   The provisions of a franchise agreement for the operation of a cable television system may relate to or include, without limitation, the following subject matters:
      (1)   The geographical area, duration and nonexclusive nature of the franchise.
      (2)   The applicable franchise fee to be paid to the city, including the percentage amount, the method of computation, and the time for payment.
      (3)   Requirements relating to compliance with and implementation of State and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of the cable television system.
      (4)   Requirements relating to the construction, upgrade, or rebuild of the cable television system, as well as the provision of special services, such as outlets for public buildings, emergency alert capability, and parental control devices.
      (5)   Requirements relating to the maintenance of a performance bond, a security fund, a letter of credit, or similar assurances to secure the performance of the grantee's obligations under the franchise agreement.
      (6)   Requirements relating to comprehensive liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and indemnification.
      (7)   Requirements relating to consumer protection and customer service standards, which requirements may include, without limitation, compliance with the statutes, rules and regulations set forth in this article.
      (8)   Requirements relating to the grantee's support of local cable usage, including the provision of public, educational, and governmental access channels, the coverage of public meetings and special events, and financial support for public, educational, and governmental access channels.
      (9)   Requirements relating to the grantee's obligation to provide an institutional network, and channel capacity on that institutional network for educational or governmental use, subject to the city's rules and procedures for the use of such channel capacity and for compatibility with any telecommunications network that has been or may be developed by the city.
      (10)   Requirements relating to construction, operation, and maintenance of the cable television system within the city's streets and public rights-of-way, including compliance with all building codes and permit requirements of the city, the abandonment, removal, or relocation of facilities, and compliance with FCC technical standards.
      (11)   Requirements relating to record keeping, accounting procedures, reporting, periodic audits, and performance reviews, and the inspection of the grantee's books and records.
      (12)   Acts or omissions constituting material breaches of or defaults under the franchise agreement, and the applicable penalties or remedies for those breaches or defaults, including fines, penalties, liquidated damages, suspension, revocation, and termination.
      (13)   Requirements relating to the sale, assignment, or other transfer or change in control of the franchise.
      (14)   The grantee's obligation to maintain continuity of service and to authorize, under certain specified circumstances, the city's operation and management of the cable system.
      (15)   Provisions relating to the ownership, disposition, or removal of the cable television system upon termination or expiration of the franchise.
      (16)   Such additional requirements, conditions, policies, and procedures that may be mutually agreed upon by the parties to the franchise agreement and that will, in the judgment of the city council, best serve the public interest and protect the public health, welfare, and safety.
   (B)   If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of a franchise agreement authorized by the city council and provisions of this article, the provisions of the franchise agreement will control.
(Ord. No. 2650)