(A)   In accordance with federal and State law, the city is authorized to grant one or more nonexclusive franchises to construct, reconstruct, operate, and maintain cable television systems within the city limits.
   (B)   The city council finds that the development of cable television and related telecommunications services may provide significant benefits for, and substantial impacts upon, the residents of the city. Because of the complex and rapidly changing technology associated with cable television, the city council further finds that the public convenience, safety, and general welfare can best be served by establishing regulatory powers to be exercised by the city.
   (C)   This article is intended to specify the means for providing to the public the best possible cable television services, and every franchise issued in accordance with this article II is intended to achieve this primary objective. The further intent of this article is to adopt regulatory provisions that will enable the city to regulate cable television services to the maximum extent authorized by federal and State law.
(Ord. No. 2650)