(A)   Applicants shall provide all relevant information on the landscape plan, including botanical names for plants and turf species, percentage calculations of allowable areas of turf, low, medium or high water use plants, and water-wise plants, water budget calculations, monthly irrigation schedule and specific requests for any exceptions to the requirements of these landscape water conservation standards. Areas of existing landscaping to remain unaltered shall be indicated on the landscape plan.
   (B)   The landscape plan shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Cal. Business and Professions Code relating to the practice of landscape architecture (Cal. Business and Professional Code, Section 5641 et seq.)
   (C)   The landscape plan shall include a "statement of compliance" in a form approved by the city certifying that the landscape design complies with the mandatory elements of these landscape water conservation standards. The statement of compliance shall be signed by the state licensed landscape architect or the state licensed architect who prepared the plans.
(Ord. No. 2822)