The following discharges are prohibited from entering the storm drain system:
   (A)   Discharges from the washing or cleaning of gas stations, auto repair garages, or other types of automotive service facilities.
   (B)   Discharges from mobile auto washing, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, sandblasting, and other such mobile commercial and industrial operations.
   (C)   Discharges from areas where repair of machinery and equipment, which are visibly leaking oil, fluid or antifreeze, is performed.
   (D)   Discharges from storage areas for materials containing grease, oil, or other hazardous substances, or uncovered receptacles containing hazardous materials.
   (E)   Discharges from swimming pools that have a chlorine/bromine concentration greater than 0.1 mg/L or a chloride concentration greater than 250 mg/L.
   (F)   Discharges from swimming pool filter backwash, decorative fountains, and ponds.
   (G)   Discharges from industrial/commercial areas, including the washing or cleaning of restaurant mats.
   (H)   Discharges from stationary or mobile pet grooming facilities.
   (I)   Trash container leachate.
   (J)   Spills, dumping or disposal of pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, litter, landscape and construction debris, garbage, food, animal waste, fuel or chemical wastes, batteries, and any other materials that have the potential to adversely impact water quality.
(Ord. No. 2459, 2876)