(A)   Standards for the construction, repair, modification or destruction of wells shall be those set forth in the California Department of Water Resources (“DWR”) Bulletin No. 74-1 entitled “Cathodic Protection Well Standards,” Bulletin No. 74-9, Chapter IV, entitled “Water Well Standards -Ventura County” and Bulletin No. 74-81, Chapter II, entitled “Water Well Standards State of California,” as supplemented or revised from time to time by DWR, with the following exceptions:
      (1)   The public works director may adopt additional or more stringent standards to be applicable in any or all zones of the city as delineated in Bulletin No. 74-9.
      (2)   All community water supply wells and individual domestic wells shall be provided with a pipe or other effective means through which chlorine or other disinfecting agents may be introduced directly into the well. If a pipe is provided, it shall be installed at a height equal to the pump slab or at least four inches above the finished grade, shall be kept sealed, and shall be provided with a threaded or equivalently secure cap. Equivalent protection for excluding contamination from the well shall be provided for subsurface pump discharge installations. If an air relief vent is used, it shall terminate downward and be screened with 16-inch screen to prevent contaminating material from entering the vent.
      (3)   Every new, repaired or modified community water supply well or individual domestic water well, after construction, modification or repair, and before being placed into service, shall be thoroughly cleaned of all foreign substance and shall be thoroughly disinfected utilizing the procedures set forth in Appendix C of Bulletin No. 74-81.
      (4)   In Sealing Zone III as described in Bulletin No. 74-9, no permit shall be issued pursuant to section 22-112 for the construction, repair or modification of any well which is perforated in the city's aquifer zone and/or the aquifer unless it is demonstrated to the satisfaction of the public works director either that:
         (a)   There is no substantial possibility that use of the well will cause overdraft or seawater intrusion into an aquifer; or
         (b)   All of the following conditions apply:
            (i)   The well is necessary to carry out seawater intrusion control programs and projects;
            (ii)   The well has a casing diameter no greater than six inches;
            (iii)   The pump will have no more than five horsepower;
            (iv)   Extraction will not exceed ten acre-feet per year; and
            (v)   The well will be used only for domestic purposes.
      (5)   Engineering test holes greater than 50 feet deep shall be destroyed immediately upon completion of testing by complete filling and/or sealing of the borehole in accordance with criteria established by the public works director. The public works director may waive complete sealing if the permittee demonstrates to the public works director's satisfaction that the purpose of this article as set forth in section 22-110 will be satisfied.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-79) (Ord. No. 2219)