For the purposes of this article, the following words shall have the following meanings:
   (A)   ABANDONED WELL - Any of the following:
      (1)   A well, other than a monitoring well, which has been in continuous disuse for one year or more, unless such disuse is attributable to removal of the pump for repair or replacement and efforts to repair or replace the pump are being diligently pursued;
      (2)   A monitoring well from which no monitoring data has been taken for a period of three years;
      (3)   A well which is in such a state of disrepair that it cannot be made functional for its original use or any other use regulated by this article; or
      (4)   An engineering test hole 24 hours after construction and testing work has been completed on the site.
   (B)   APPLICANT - Any person applying for a permit required by this article.
   (C)   CATHODIC PROTECTION WELL - Any artificial excavation constructed by any method for the purpose of installing equipment or facilities for the protection electrically of metallic equipment in contact with the ground.
   (D)   CITY INSPECTOR - A person authorized by the public works director to inspect all work for which a permit is issued pursuant to this article.
   (E)   COMMUNITY WATER SUPPLY WELL - Any water well which provides water for public water systems as defined in the Cal. Health and Safety Code.
   (F)   COMPLETION OPERATION - Any of the following work conducted after artificial excavation:
      (1)   Placement of a well casing;
      (2)   Gravel packing;
      (3)   Sealing;
      (4)   Perforation of a well casing; or
      (5)   Any other work listed on a permit issued pursuant to this article as being a required part of a completion operation.
   (G)   CONTAMINATION - An alteration of waters by waste, salt-water intrusion or other material to a degree which creates a hazard to the public health through actual or potential poisoning or through an actual or potential spreading of disease.
   (H)   DESTROY A WELL - To fill a well, including both interior and annular spaces if the well is cased, completely in such a manner that it will not produce water or act as a conduit for the interchange of water between any water-bearing formations penetrated.
   (I)   ENGINEERING TEST HOLE - An uncased excavation used to determine the engineering or geological properties of subsurface materials by seismic investigation, direct observation or any other means.
   (J)   INDIVIDUAL DOMESTIC WELL - Any water well used to supply water for domestic needs of an individual residence, commercial establishment, or farming operation.
   (K)   INSPECT A WELL - To personally witness, record and certify work pursuant to a condition or conditions of a valid permit.
   (L)   MODIFY OR REPAIR A WELL - To replace its casing in a manner which involves removal or partial removal of the old casing, to install a liner in the well, or to change the depth of the well.
   (M)   MONITORING WELL - A cased or uncased well used exclusively for monitoring or sampling the conditions of a water-bearing aquifer, such as water pressure, depth, movement or quality.
   (N)   OWNER - A person who owns the land on which a well is located.
   (O)   POLLUTION - An alteration of waters by waste, saltwater intrusion or other material to a degree which adversely affects either the suitability of such waters for beneficial uses or the facilities employed in conjunction with such beneficial uses.
   (P)   POSSESSES - That a person is in actual possession of the well or has a legal right to the possession thereof.
   (Q)   REGISTERED INSPECTOR - A professional engineer or registered geologist currently registered in the State and approved by the public works director to inspect drilling and sealing operations for engineering test holes and monitoring wells. A technician trained and experienced in drilling and sealing operations who is working under the direct supervision of one of the aforementioned professionals shall be deemed qualified to perform required inspections) provided one of the aforementioned professionals reviews the well inspection record and assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the work by signing the well inspection record.
   (R)   WATER WELL - Any artificial excavation constructed by any method for the purpose of determining the availability of water, extracting water from or injecting water into the underground, except the following:
      (1)   Oil well, gas wells, and geothermal wells subject to regulation under the public resources code;
      (2)   Wells used exclusively for the purposes of dewatering excavation during construction or of stabilizing hillsides or earth embankments; and
      (3)   Seepage pits approved for use under permit from the public works director.
   (S)   WELL - A cathodic protection well, engineering test hole, monitoring well or water well.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-71) (Ord. No. 2219)