(A)   The drilling, digging, sinking or deepening into another aquifer of any water well within the city or the tapping or penetrating of any subterranean water bearing gravel underlying the city, by other than the water division, is prohibited unless a permit to do same is first obtained from the city council. Any person may apply for such permit upon payment to the water division of an application fee of $1,000 and the filing of a verified application setting forth:
      (1)   The design and specifications for the proposed well;
      (2)   A map showing its proposed locations;
      (3)   A statement showing the aquifer into which the applicant proposes to drill the well;
      (4)   A statement of the exact circumstances under which the water superintendent believes that the water division is unable to furnish the required water service; and
      (5)   A statement that the overdraft on the Oxnard Zone Aquifer and the Fox Canyon Aquifer, which overdrafts are existing as of the effective date of this chapter, no longer exists and that such aquifers are being replenished to the same extent as they are being depleted.
   (B)   Such application fee shall be used to investigate the statements of the applicant and shall not be refundable. The city council shall hold a public hearing on such application within 30 days following its receipt. The city clerk shall mail written notice of time, date and place of such hearing to the applicant, such mailing to be accomplished not less than ten days prior to the date hereof. At the hearing, the applicant and other interested parties may present sworn testimony pertaining to the application. In order to obtain additional information, the city council may continue the hearing from time to time. The city council may disapprove the application unless the city council is satisfied in its discretion that drilling of the well and the operation thereof will not deplete or contaminate the city water supply. If the city council grants a permit for the well, the council may impose thereon reasonable conditions to prevent depletion and contamination of the city water supply and to protect the public health, safety and general welfare, including but not limited to a prohibition against operation of the well during periods when an overdraft of the abovementioned aquifers exists.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-67) (Ord. No. 1009)