(A)   Upon completion of a main which is not in the current water master plan implementation schedule and to which future connections could be made, the water division shall determine the actual cost thereof and shall determine the existing main charge against each front foot of abutting property taking into consideration intersections and other property that would not receive water service.
   (B)   If a non-master planned water main extension is made or paid for, in whole or in part by an applicant pursuant to this article, the main charges collected by the city within five years from the date on which water is first served through the extension shall be refunded to the person who paid for such extensions, or to his successors or assigns. If the water main was installed in conformance with a contract between the city and the applicant, any refunds shall be made only in accordance with the conditions of such contract. In no event will any person be refunded more than the amount paid by such person for construction of the extension main.
   (C)   In the event a water main extension is made through or adjacent to a city park or other city-owned land, no refund for that portion of the main will be made to the applicant, unless otherwise provided by city council.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-66) (Ord. No. 1009, 2030)