In addition to all other charges set forth in this chapter, an applicant for service to property which has never before received city water shall pay to the city a proportional share, as determined by the water division, of the cost of all abutting distribution mains for which a main charge has been established. The applicant shall not be required to contribute to the cost of more than 12 inches of the size of any such mains. If the abutting mains are of a size larger than 12 inches, the water division shall determine the cost as if the mains had been 12 inches in diameter. If an applicant is required to install transmission and blending facilities called for in the water master plan, the applicant may be eligible for a credit against connection fees. No applicant may receive a credit for more than the total amount of water connection fees which would be normally required. If any distribution main was previously installed by the applicant or his predecessor in interest in the property to which service is desired, the applicant shall be entitled to credit for such previous installation against any main charge otherwise required provided that such installation was made less than 20 years before the application.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-62) (Ord. No. 1009, 1726, 2030)