When a decrease in size of an existing meter is requested by the customer, the water resources division, water section shall make the meter change at no cost to the applicant; provided, the reduced size is determined adequate for the contemplated use. When an increase in size of an existing service or meter is requested by a customer, or an increase is required because of a change in the customer's water use, the water resources division shall make such change; provided, the requested size is determined adequate for the contemplated use. The applicant shall pay in advance the current cost of the new service or meter, less a credit for the meter removed. The credit shall be established by the public works director based upon the age of the existing service connection, but in no event shall the credit exceed 60% of the current value of a meter of that size. Where the larger service is in a location different from the existing service, the applicant shall pay the cost of abandoning the existing service in addition to any other applicable fees and charges. The cost for abandoning a water meter shall be based on the administration, labor and materials required to complete the work.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-26.1) (Ord. No. 1875, 2819)