(A)   When the city manager finds that a user has violated, or continues to violate, any provision of this article, an IWD permit or order issued hereunder, or any pretreatment standard or requirements, or that the user's past violations are likely to recur, the city manager may issue an order to the user directing the user to cease and desist all such violations and directing the user to:
      (1)   Immediately comply with all applicable requirements; and
      (2)   Take such appropriate remedial or preventive action as may be needed to properly address a continuing or threatened violation, including halting operations and/or terminating the discharge.
   (B)   Issuance of a cease-and-desist order shall not be a bar against, or a prerequisite for, the taking of any other against the user.
(`64 Code, Sec. 25-70) (Ord. No. 2494)