For purposes of this article, the following abbreviations, shall have the designated meanings:
   (A)   BOD – biochemical oxygen demand;
   (B)   BMP – Best Management Practice;
   (C)   BMR - Baseline Monitoring Report;
   (D)   CASA - California Association of Sanitary Agencies;
   (E)   CFR – Code of Federal Regulations;
   (F)   CIU - Categorical Industrial User;
   (G)   COD – chemical oxygen demand;
   (H)   DIU - dental industrial user;
   (I)   EPA – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;
   (J)   gpd - gallons per day;
   (K)   IU - Industrial User;
   (L)   IWD - industrial wastewater discharge;
   (M)   LC50 - lethal concentration for 50 percent of the test organisms;
   (N)   L - liter;
   (O)   MAIL - maximum allowable industrial loading;
   (P)   mg - milligrams, mg,/l - milligrams per liter;
   (Q)   NPDES - national pollutant discharge elimination system;
   (R)   NSCIU - Non-Significant Categorical Industrial User;
   (S)   O&M - operation and maintenance;
   (T)   POTW - publicly owned treatment works;
   (U)   RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act;
   (V)   SIC - Standard Industrial Classification;
   (W)   SIU - Significant Industrial User;
   (X)   SNC - Significant Noncompliance;
   (Y)   SWDA - Solid Waste Disposal Act (42 USC Sections 6901 et seq.);
   (Z)   TDS - total dissolved solids;
   (AA)   TOMP - toxic organics management plan;
   (BB)   TSS — total suspended solids;
   (CC)   TTO - total toxic organics; and
   (DD)   USC - United States Code.
(`64 Code, Sec. 25-3) (Ord. No. 2494, 2761, 2997)