(A)   In order to encourage the use of the transfer of development rights program, approved transfer units shall be exempt from certain fees normally imposed by the city. Such exemption is appropriate because there is a clear public benefit to be gained through the program in the preservation of valuable environmental and recreational resources. In addition, exemption from certain city fees will benefit owners of receiving parcels who are providing open space and recreation land through the purchase of transferable development rights.
   (B)   Upon application for building permits or approval of a tentative subdivision or parcel map including transfer units, the owner may apply to the development services department for exemption from:
      (1)   Assembly fees for local park acquisition;
      (2)   Growth development fees;
      (3)   Park taxes; and
      (4)   Plan check fees.
   (C)   The fee exemption shall not apply to units allowed under the base density of the receiving parcel.
   (D)   The fee exemption shall be approved by the director after all requirements have been met and final project approvals have been obtained.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-6.6.0) (Ord. No. 2006, 2716)