(A)   Once a property has been identified by the code official for enrollment in the program, the responsible person shall be required to attend an initial meeting with the code official.
   (B)   Following the initial meeting, the code official shall register the property into the program.
   (C)   Once a property is registered into the program, the code official shall perform an initial inspection of the registered property.
   (D)   Following the initial inspection, the code official may issue a notice of violation or citation to the responsible person. The notice shall provide a reasonable time, not to exceed an initial 30 days, to make repairs or cure health and safety violations. Extensions may be granted by the code official or his/her designee for good cause.
   (E)   The registered property shall be subjected to mandatory yearly inspections which shall include inspection fees established by city council resolution.
   (F)   If one or more significant or dangerous violations are found during an inspection of a registered property, the code official shall investigate the status of other properties in the city held by the same responsible person and determine if violations exist at the other properties. If the code official determines that violations exist at the other properties, an action may be brought to collectively address multiple properties of the same responsible person.
   (G)   Properties registered in the program are subject to double civil citation fine amounts, not to exceed $1,000 per violation.
   (H)   After re-inspection and finding all repairs have not been completed, or all health and safety violations have not been cured, the city attorney shall decide the proper course of action, including obtaining a court appointed receiver to take control of the property.
   (I)   If an inspected property is determined not be a candidate for the program, it may be assigned to the code enforcement division to conduct an inspection and pursue traditional code enforcement channels.
   (J)    A responsible person may refuse consent to an inspection conducted by the code official. If consent is refused, the code official may seek an administrative inspection warrant pursuant to Cal. Code of Civil Procedure, Sections 1822.50 et seq.
(Ord. No. 2945, 3031)