(A)   In the event the property owner or designated agent fails, neglects or refuses to pay relocation benefits, as required by this chapter, to a displaced tenant, the city may, within budgetary limitations, make payment of such relocation benefits as the building official or designee determines is necessary to assist the displaced tenant to relocate, up to the amount payable by the property owner under this chapter and Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 17975.2.
   (B)   The city may recover from the property owner any amount paid to a tenant pursuant to this chapter. The city shall also be entitled to recover from the property owner an additional amount, not to exceed $10,000, equal to one-half the amount so paid as a penalty for failure to make timely payment to the displaced tenant.
   (C)   Any amount paid by the city and any applicable penalties and administrative costs shall be a personal obligation of the property owner and may be recorded as a special assessment against the property with the county recorder if the property owner fails to pay the city.
   (D)   Nothing contained in this chapter shall require the city to pay any relocation benefits to any tenant, or to assume any obligation, requirement, or duty of the property owner or designated agent pursuant to this chapter.
   (E)   The damages that a displaced tenant may receive from the property owner under Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 17975.2 shall be reduced by the amount of any benefits received from the city.
(Ord. No. 2946)