(A)   Hydrostatic uplift - Any pool to be constructed shall have a suitable under drain relief to which a pump can be properly attached, sufficient mass weight to prevent flotation, or hydrostatic relief valves.
   (B)   Surface water - Surface water from pool decks shall be collected and conducted through non-erosive devices to a street, storm drain, or other approved disposal area. When a pool deck extends to within three feet of any adjacent property, means shall be provided to conduct splash water to a satisfactory point of disposal.
   (C)   Grab bars - Whenever egress from a pool is restricted by a vertical wall or other barrier which extends more than 12 inches above the water surface at the pool's edge, permanent handrails, grab bars, or equivalent devices, shall be installed within 12 inches of the water surface, capable of being securely grasped and adequate to support the weight of a user of the pool.
(`64 Code, Sec. 9-38) (Ord. No. 2491, 2836)