Prior to issuing the permit, the development services manager shall verify that:
   (A)   All sewers on the property have been capped at the property line and that any septic tanks have been removed;
   (B)   All electrical services to the property have been disconnected and removed;
   (C)   All gas services to the property have been removed and capped at the property line;
   (D)   The moving contractor has a valid State contractors C-21 license and workers' compensation insurance;
   (E)   The moving contractor has obtained adequate insurance as required by the risk manager to compensate the city for any damage to curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streets, landscaping or other property occurring as a result of the moving of the building;
   (F)   The traffic engineer, police chief, and fire chief have approved the day, time and route of the move; and
   (G)   The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District has evaluated the building for asbestos fiber removal.
(`64 Code, Sec. 9-21) (Ord. No. 2447, 2836)