(A)   When any building is moved into, out of or within the city, the development services manager shall not issue the permit until the owner of the property to which the building is to be moved (“the property”) posts a completion bond (“the bond”) with the city clerk. The owner as principal and a qualified surety company as surety shall execute the bond. The owner and surety shall be jointly and severally responsible for the bond which shall name the city as obliged and which shall be in a principal amount equal to the value of the building plus 10%.
   (B)   The bond shall be conditioned on the completion of the work within 90 days from the date of issuance of the permit and upon such additional reasonable terms and requirements as shall be imposed by the development services manager. In the case of any violation of the conditions of the bond, the city shall have any remedy available under the terms of the bond or usual and appropriate to the obligee of such bond under such circumstances.
   (C)   When approved by the city attorney, and under the conditions of the bond, the owner may provide other sureties in the form of cash, letters of credit, or other approved sureties.
(`64 Code, Sec. 9-20) (Ord. No. 2447, 2836)