(A)   As used in this article, “dwelling unit” means a separate single-family habitation, structure or unit. The term includes:
      (1)   A single-family dwelling;
      (2)   Each separate apartment or habitation unit comprising a multiple-dwelling structure; and
      (3)   Each space or pad designed and allocated to accommodate a mobile home within a mobile home park.
   (B)   The term does not include:
      (1)   Any habitation unit within a structure designed, constructed and used exclusively for transient occupancies;
      (2)   Any habitation unit, intended and used exclusively to house the elderly or handicapped, which is constructed for and operated by a foundation, agency or entity which, pursuant to the provisions of Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 33396, qualifies for welfare exemption in accordance with Article 13, Section lc of the California Constitution; or
      (3)   A single-family dwelling which replaces within six months a dwelling unit removed from the same lot or parcel as the new construction site.
(`64 Code, Sec. 16-50) (Ord. No. 1421)