(A)   The annual assessment rate of the OTMD is 2.0% of gross short-term sleeping room rental revenue. Based on the benefit received, assessments will not be collected on: stays of more than 30 consecutive days; stays by an employee or officer of the United States government or an employee or officer of the state government that executes, under penalty of perjury, a form claiming such exemption; and stays by any person who is required to obtain a shelter in a lodging business by reason of circumstances such as fire, flood, or other disaster which makes that person's usual residence uninhabitable and proves that their residence is in an area that has been officially declared a disaster area by local, state, or federal authorities.
   (B)   The assessments shall be used for the purposes set forth herein and any funds remaining at the end of any year may be used in subsequent years in which the OTMD assessment is levied as long as they are used consistent with the requirements set forth herein.
(Ord. No. 3030)