(A)   At the time of the initial marking of a vehicle, which begins the 72-hour time period for possible violation of section 8-37 of this article, the police department employee shall place on the vehicle a warning notice that the vehicle is subject to tow away if not moved within 72 hours.
   (B)   If the vehicle is not moved within 72 hours after the warning is placed on the vehicle, any police department employee authorized by the police chief may issue a citation for violation of section 8-37 and may remove the vehicle.
   (C)   In compliance with the Cal. Vehicle Code, Section 22852, a police department employee shall, within 48 hours of towing, send a written notice to the vehicle's registered and legal owners or their agents, if ascertainable, informing them of the name, address and telephone number to call regarding the vehicle, a description of the vehicle (including, the name or make, the manufacturer, the license plate number and the mileage), the location of the vehicle, the towing and storage charges, the nature of the violation and purpose for removal, and a statement that, in order to receive a post-storage hearing, the owners or their agents must request a hearing in person, in writing or by telephone request, to the city manager, within ten days of the date appearing on the notice.
(`64 Code, Sec. 18-63) (Ord. No. 2448)