For the purposes of this article, the following words shall have the following meanings:
   (A)   ANIMAL - Any dog, cat, poultry, bird, reptile, fish or any other mammal except a human being.
   (B)   ANIMAL POUND - Any dog pound, animal shelter, temporary pound or pound vehicle owned or operated by the county or the city.
   (C)   COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER - The county health officer and officers, employees and agents thereof.
   (D)   DOG KENNEL - Any place or premises wherein at least five or more dogs over the age of six months are kept for the purpose of breeding, training, boarding or holding for sale.
   (E)   HEARING OFFICER - A regular, full-time employee of the city designated by the city manager to act as the finder of fact and decision maker in any hearing required by this chapter.
   (F)   HOUSEHOLD PET - Cats, dogs, canaries, parrots and other animals and birds usually and ordinarily maintained in or around a residence for the enjoyment of the owner.
   (G)   KENNEL - Any premises whereon five or more dogs or cats over the age of four months are maintained for the purpose of boarding, grooming, breeding, training or sale.
   (H)   OWNER or KEEPER - Any person who possesses, harbors, or has control or custody of an animal.
   (I)   PET SHOP - Any place of business where dogs under four months of age, or cats, birds, reptiles, fish or any other animals to be used as household pets are maintained for sale.
   (J)   POULTRY - Pigeons, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and any other fowl.
   (K)   POUND - Any temporary or permanent animal shelter or pound vehicle owned or operated by the city.
   (L)   POUNDMASTER - Any person authorized by the city manager to perform the duties and functions of animal control.
   (M)   PROVOKING - The deliberate incitement of an animal by teasing, tormenting, abusing, or assaulting.
   (N)   RUNS AT LARGE - The act of an animal, being upon private property without the permission of the owner or occupant of the property or being upon public property and not upon a leash, except as exempted by § 5-43.
   (O)   TAX COLLECTOR - The county tax collector and the officers, employees and agents thereof.
(`64 Code, Sec. 5-1) (Ord. No. 1571, 2239, 2388, 2639)