For the purposes of Chapter 4, the following definitions and rules shall be observed, unless such would be inconsistent with the manifest intent of the city council:
   (A)   ANNUAL AUTHORIZATION - The maximum annual value that the city council delegates to an individual to award a purchase order or contract per vendor or consultant.
   (B)   ANNUAL VALUE - The value of the contract per year, or if the contract does not list an annual amount, the total value of the contract divided by the number of years in the term of that contract.
   (C)   BEST VALUE - The expected outcome of a solicitation that in the city's estimation will provide the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement, where price, quality, durability, servicing, delivery time, standardization, and/or other factors outlined in the purchasing manual are considered in the evaluation and selection process to minimize negative impacts and enhance the long-term performance and value of a solicitation submission.
   (D)   DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR - The most senior individual responsible for a city department.
   (E)   DEPARTMENT MANAGER - An employee entrusted with budgetary responsibility for a city division, such as a division manager, city engineer, or assistant director.
   (F)   EMERGENCY - Either of the following:
      (1)   Regarding public projects, as defined in this chapter, the meaning provided in Cal. Pub. Con. Code, Section 22050.
      (2)   Regarding all procurement unrelated to public projects, a condition or possible safety situation which makes bidding procedures, either formal or informal, impractical or not in the best interests of the city.
   (G)   FORCE ACCOUNT - Work performed on public projects using internal city resources, including, but not limited to, labor, equipment, materials, supplies and subcontracts of the city.
   (H)   FORMAL SOLICITATION - A bid or proposal that must be submitted in a sealed envelope by mail, hand delivery or email or other electronic means, and in conformance with a prescribed format to be opened in public at a specified date and time or evaluated as delineated in the solicitation released, as established in the purchasing manual.
   (I)   INFORMAL SOLICITATION - A competitive bid, price quotation, or proposal for any procurement other than a public project that is conveyed by mail, fax, email or other electronic means, or other written manner that does not require a sealed bid or proposal, public opening or other formalities.
   (J)   MAINTENANCE or MAINTENANCE WORK - The meaning provided in Cal. Pub. Con. Code, Section 22002(d) and 8 CCR 16000.
   (K)   NEGOTIATED CONTRACT - A contract in an amount up to $100,000 that is awarded on the basis of a direct contract with a contractor, vendor or consultant without going through the competitive bidding process.
   (L)   PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OFFICE - The place where the principal officers or owners generally transact business, where reports are prepared, from which orders and payments are made, and that the business represents to government authorities as its principal office or principal place of business.
   (M)   PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - All services performed by persons or firms in a professional occupation, including, but not limited to, consulting and performance services for accounting, financial, economic, auditing, redevelopment, computer hardware and software support, engineering, architectural, landscape architectural, planning, environmental, land surveying, construction project management, personnel, social services, animal control, lobbying, grant-writing, legal, management, communication and other similar professional functions.
   (N)   PURCHASING AGENT - An employee whose responsibility it is to procure all supplies, equipment, public projects and services for the city, or that employee’s designee(s).
   (O)   PURCHASING MANUAL - The purchasing policies and procedures manual for the purpose of implementation of this chapter, as drafted, amended and adopted by the purchasing agent.
   (P)   PUBLIC PROJECT - The meaning provided in Cal. Pub. Con. Code. Section 22002(c).
   (Q)   SMALL LOCAL BUSINESS - A business entity that has for at least 36 months immediately preceding submittal of its bid held a current business license issued by the city, maintained its principal business office within the city’s geographic boundaries, has average annual gross receipts of $20,000,000 or less over the 36 months immediately preceding submittal of its bid, and employs fewer than 100 employees, at least 50% of whom are Oxnard residents and have been Oxnard residents for at least 90 days prior to submission of the bid.
   (R)   TRADE SERVICE - A service that is not affiliated with a public project and either:
      (1)   Does not require specialized skill or certification, including, but not limited to, janitorial or maintenance work; or
      (2)   Requires manual skills and special training, but not particular education or degrees, including, but not limited to, mechanical or plumbing services.
(Ord. No. 2943, 3016)