(A)   Campaign bank account. The notice and filing requirements of Cal. Gov’t Code, Sections 81000 et seq. regarding the campaign bank account shall also be made to the city clerk at the same time and in the same manner as reporting is made to the fair political practices commission for the State of California.
   (B)   Committee registration. Every political committee and broad-based political committee involved in a municipal election which files campaign reports shall file also with the city clerk in the same form, content, and procedure as set forth in Cal. Gov’t Code, Sections 81000 et seq.
   (C)   Electronic filing of campaign disclosure statements. Pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code, Section 84615, the City of Oxnard hereby finds that online or electronic filing will facilitate the efficient and secure filing of required campaign reports, and that such system will operate securely and effectively and will not unduly burden filers.
      (1)   Whenever any elected officer, candidate, or committee is required to file a campaign statement under the Political Reform Act or the Regulations with the city clerk, the elected officer, candidate, or committee shall file the statement in an electronic format prescribed by the city clerk.
      (2)   Any statement, report, or other document filed electronically or online pursuant to this section will be accepted as an original statement and need not be filed in paper format. To ensure reporting continuity, once a statement, report, form, or other document is filed electronically on behalf of any elected officer, candidate, or committee, all future statements, reports, forms, and other documents filed on behalf of that officer, candidate or committee must be filed electronically. An elected officer, candidate, committee or other person may choose not to use the electronic filing system by filing all original statements, reports, forms, or other documents in paper format with the city clerk, until such time as the city council determines that electronic filing is mandatory for all filers.
      (3)   The date of filing for a statement, report, or other document that is filed online or electronically shall be the day that it is received by the local filing officer, and the electronic system will provide confirmation with a timestamp ensuring that the statement, report, or other document was received.
      (4)   If access to online filings has not been prescribed in a timely manner, the elected city officer, candidate, or committee may file an original statement by paper, at the discretion of the filing officer.
      (5)   The provisions of this subsection shall apply only to persons or combinations of persons who qualify as a committee under Section 82013 of the Political Reform Act.
      (6)   The city clerk is authorized to adopt such administrative policies and procedures as deemed necessary to implement this chapter.
(Ord. No. 2976, 2978)