(A)   The city council hereby adopts Oxnard police department Policy Manual Section 708 (the “policy”) which shall govern the use of military equipment by the Oxnard police department. The policy may be amended by the police chief or the police chief’s designee, subject to city council approval.
   (B)   The policy shall be made publicly available on the Oxnard police department’s website for as long as the military equipment is available for use or as otherwise ordained by the city council.
   (C)   The Oxnard police department shall submit an annual military equipment report to the city council containing the information required by Cal. Gov't Code, Section 7072 and the city council shall thereafter determine whether each type of military equipment identified therein complied with the standards for approval set forth in Cal. Gov't Code, Section 7071(d).
   (D)   The city council shall on an annual basis and at a regular meeting thereof review this section and vote on whether to renew it pursuant to Cal. Gov't Code, Section 7071(e)(2). At such time, the policy shall be presented to the city council as an attachment to the annual report.
   (E)   The definitions set forth in Cal. Gov't Code, Section 7070 shall apply to this section of the city code. Any provision of state law referred to herein shall mean and include any amended or successor provision thereof.
(Ord. No. 3014, 3031)