The city clerk, when directed so to do, shall include, in all notices calling for bids on public works or improvements, the following provisions:
   (A)   Preference to local labor -
      (1)   In the proposal submitted by the bidder, the bidder must agree, if awarded the contract, that in the employment of labor other than foremen and office personnel, the bidder will give preference to bona fide residents of the city who have been such for at least six months prior to such employment.
      (2)   At least 75% of persons employed upon the work shall at all times be such residents of the city; provided, however, that in the event there is not a sufficient number of persons available who are such residents of the city to do the work without delay or efficiently, then with the written approval of the city engineer, a smaller proportion of resident persons may be employed.
   (B)   List of workers to be furnished daily; penalty -
      (1)   The bidder must further set out in the proposal that if the bidder is awarded the contract, the bidder will furnish to the city each day during the life of the contract a complete list of all persons employed or discharged on the previous day, together with the correct home address of every such person; and that the bidder will, within 24 hours of the receipt of notice from the city engineer so to do, discharge any employee on the work who is, in the opinion of the city engineer, incompetent, careless, untrustworthy, unskilled, or otherwise unfitted for the work, or who is a nonresident of the city, when more than 25% of the persons employed upon the work are nonresidents and residents are available to prosecute the work efficiently without delay.
      (2)   The bidder will forfeit to the city a penalty of $5 per day for each persons retained upon the work after notice from the city engineer to discharge such person for any of the causes mentioned herein.
(`64 Code, Sec. 2-8)