(A)   No former city employee designated herein shall, within one year after termination of employment, for compensation represent or advise any person in any proceeding to which the city is a party if the proceeding is one in which the former employee participated as a city employee.
   (B)   The terms used in subsection (A) shall be defined as follows:
      (1)   “City employee designated herein” shall mean any city officer or employee in any of the following classifications:
         (a)   City council member;
         (b)   City manager;
         (c)   Assistant city manager;
         (d)   Deputy city manager;
         (e)   City attorney;
         (f)   Assistant city attorney;
         (g)   Chief assistant city attorney;
         (h)   Deputy city attorney;
         (i)   Development services director;
         (j)   Community development director;
         (k)   City planner;
         (l)   Principal planner;
         (m)   Building official;
         (n)   Plan check engineer;
         (o)   Supervising building inspector;
         (p)   Code enforcement official;
         (q)   Chief financial officer;
         (r)   Housing director;
         (s)   Public works director.
      (2)   “Termination of employment” shall mean voluntary termination, involuntary termination, resignation at the city's request, or retirement.
      (3)   “Proceeding to which the city is a party” shall mean any application for any permit or entitlement, contract, claim, investigation, negotiation, purchase and sale, or any other matter involving the discretionary powers and responsibilities of the city or entities governed by the city council.
      (4)   “Participated” means to have taken part personally and substantially at a policy level in the proceeding through decision, recommendation, investigation, or use of confidential information.
      (5)   The term “policy level” shall include fact finding, recommending, analyzing and other activities which would foreseeably influence the decision or result in the proceeding.
   (C)   Subsection (A) shall not apply to the furnishing of technical, expert, or specialized services to the city by a former city employee at the city's request.
   (D)   In addition to any other available remedy, the city may decline to deal with and may refuse to approve the entitlement sought by any person represented or advised by a former city employee in violation of this section.
(`64 Code, Sec. 2-6) (Ord. No. 1886, 1964, 2004, 2062, 2107, 2137, 3031)