The powers and duties of the cultural arts commission shall be as follows:
   (A)   Advise the city council on all matters pertaining to the cultural arts in the community;
   (B)   Recommend to the city council the adoption, amendment or repeal of ordinances regarding public art, and/or art related projects and proposals;
   (C)   Assist the cultural arts community in raising funds through grants or other sources for the development, growth, incorporation, and expansion of the arts;
   (D)   Provide a local, state and national network of support and supporters of the local arts;
   (E)   Build a growth continuum of education, training and arts to develop an incubator for home grown evaluators and evaluation training tools so that congruity among mission, vision and requirements of requests for proposals matches skills assessed by evaluators in the review process;
   (F)   Develop public arts projects that include developing written materials for soliciting participation, appointing and training selection panels, and reviewing and recommending funding to ensure integrity of such processes;
   (G)   Receive recommendations from ad-hoc local panels to review art actions in conjunction with the commission;
   (H)   Recommend to the city council the distribution of revenues collected through fund raising, grants and public art funds consistent with the needs of the community, including solicitation and analysis of cultural arts grant proposals;
   (I)   Participate in the development of the strategic annual public art plan and longer-ranged strategic public art plans;
   (J)   Cooperate with other commissions and civic organizations in order to promote, market, and publicize the arts in order to increase and foster public interest in the arts; and
   (K)   Perform other art, cultural and arts education duties as may from time to time be prescribed by the city council.
(Ord. No. 2886, 2957)