(A)   The community development director may revoke, or suspend a vacation rental or homeshare permit for one or more of the following reasons:
      (1)   A property transfer triggering property tax reassessment pursuant to the Cal. Rev. and Tax. Code, Sections 60 et seq., as determined by the Ventura county assessor such that the vacation rental or homeshare permit associated with the property shall expire and shall also become nonrenewable at the time of the property transfer.
      (2)   The permittee has made a false, misleading or fraudulent statement of material fact in the application for the vacation rental or homeshare permit, in the information required to be submitted to the city, or in response to inquiries by the city.
      (3)   The permittee engaged in any of the following conduct related to this article that:
         (a)   Resulted in a citation or conviction against the permittee;
         (b)   Violated local, State or federal law;
         (c)   Constituted a public nuisance;
         (d)   Breached any condition, requirement, or restriction of the vacation rental or homeshare permit; or
         (e)   Constituted a hazard to public peace, health, or safety.
      (4)   Failure to pass inspections required under the provisions of section 16-664.
      (5)   Three or more verified and valid complaints of any violation of the Oxnard city code, State or federal law, as determined by the community development director, within a 12-month period, shall be grounds for permit revocation.
   (B)   A vacation rental or homeshare permit may be revoked, suspended, or additional conditions may be imposed by the community development director by providing written notice to the permittee setting forth the basis of the intended action and giving the permittee an opportunity, within 14 calendar days, to present responding information to the community development department.
   (C)   After the 14-day period, the community development director shall determine whether to revoke the permit, suspend the permit, or impose additional conditions upon the permit and thereafter, give written notice of its decision to the permittee. The permit shall be deemed to be valid until the written notice of the decision has been issued.
(Ord. No. 2969)