(A)   Applications for the initial issuance and renewal of permits under this article shall meet the form and content requirements as established by the community development director or designee.
   (B)   Each application shall include a floor plan showing all rooms with each room labeled as to room type and a site plan depicting the location of all on-site parking and existing structures and describing the use of all existing structures.
   (C)   Each application shall include a nuisance response plan containing the information required by section 16-666.
   (D)   Each application shall include a mailing list for notifications pursuant to section 16-668.2(B) along with fees as set forth in the planning division fee schedule.
   (E)   Each application shall include an affidavit in a form provided by the community development director or designee, signed by each owner of the subject property, agreeing to comply with the operational standards of section 16-667 and the property management requirements of section 16-668 should the permit be issued. The affidavit form shall also include the following statement: “The City considers the short-term rental of dwellings to be businesses that are operated in residential zones. Short-term rentals are not a by-right use. Instead, they are only allowed if operated in strict compliance with the rules and requirements of Chapter 16, Article XI of the Oxnard City Code. Violations are grounds for permit revocation, fines, and/or criminal prosecution.”
   (F)   For a homeshare only, annually provide to the planning division proof of a homeowner’s exemption from the county assessor and a fully-executed statement that the property is owner occupied.
   (G)   An annual permit fee authorized by the fee schedule applicable to the planning division may be collected upon the filing of an application to cover the city’s costs of administering this article.
   (H)   Prior to permit issuance under this article, the applicant shall: (i) pay all applicable city fees; (ii) provide contact information for the owner of a homeshare, or designate and provide contact information for one or two property managers of a vacation rental, pursuant to section 16-668.1(C); (iii) provide a fully-executed affidavit pursuant to section 16-665(E); (iv) provide proof of compliance with the applicable business tax and licensing, and transient occupancy tax. requirements pursuant to section 16-668.6; (v) for a homeshare only, proof of homeowner’s exemption and statement that property is owner occupied pursuant to section 16-665(F); (vi) provide proof of insurance pursuant to section 16-668.7; and (vii) provide the fully-executed defense and indemnification agreement pursuant to section 16-668.8.
   (I)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, no public hearing shall be conducted regarding permit applications under this article. Decisions of the community development director or designee on permit applications to approve a short-term rental permit are final when rendered and are not subject to appeal.
(Ord. No. 2969)