(A)   If a business is unable to comply with any tax requirement due to a disaster, the business may notify the tax administrator of this inability to comply and request relief from the tax requirement.
   (B)   A request for relief must clearly indicate why relief is requested, the time period for which the relief is requested, and the reason relief is needed for the specific amount of time.
   (C)   The cannabis business agrees to grant the tax collector or his or her designee access to the location where the cannabis business has been impacted due to a disaster.
   (D)   The tax administrator, in his or her sole discretion, may provide relief from the cannabis business tax requirement for businesses whose operations have been impacted by a disaster of such tax liability does not exceed $5,000. If such tax liability is $5,001 or more than such relief shall only be approved by the city council.
   (E)   Temporary relief from the cannabis tax may be granted for a reasonable amount of time as determined by the tax administrator or the city council, as applicable in order to allow the cannabis business time to recover from the disaster.
   (F)   The tax administrator or city council, as applicable may require that certain conditions be followed in order for a cannabis business to receive temporary relief from the cannabis business tax requirement.
   (G)   For purposes of this section, DISASTER means fire, flood, storm, tidal wave, earthquake, or similar public calamity, whether or not resulting from natural causes.
(Ord. No. 2962)