(A)   Storage of personal property in public places. It shall be unlawful for any person to store personal property, including camp facilities and camp paraphernalia, in any public place, improved or unimproved, except as otherwise provided by the city manager. Nothing herein shall be construed to allow storage where otherwise prohibited by this code.
   (B)   Property removal. The city may remove personal property unlawfully stored or found on public places as follows.
      (1)   The location of any personal property, including camp facilities and camp paraphernalia, shall be noticed as follows:
            “It is illegal to store personal property on a public place such as public open space, parks, and parking lots. If this personal property is not removed within 48 hours of the date of this posting, THE PERSONAL PROPERTY SHALL BE DEEMED INTENTIONALLY ABANDONED AND SUBJECT TO REMOVAL AND POSSIBLE DESTRUCTION.”
      (2)   The city may remove any personal property unlawfully stored or remaining in a public place after the posting period has expired.
      (3)   Personal property which has been intentionally abandoned poses an imminent threat to public health or safety, is contraband, or which is evident of a crime, shall not be subject to the above notice requirements and shall be removed immediately by the city and stored or destroyed according to the provisions below.
   (C)   Personal effects. At the time of removal of unlawfully stored personal effects, the city shall conspicuously post and date a notice either at the exact location from which the personal effects were removed or at another nearby location giving the following information: a general description of the personal effects removed; a telephone number where the personal effects are temporarily stored; and the length of time during which the personal effects may be claimed.
   (D)   Following the removal of unlawfully stored or remaining personal property, including personal effects, the city shall do the following: maintain an inventory identifying the personal property and where the personal property was approximately located; place the personal property in containers labeled in a manner facilitating identification by the city and owner and which reasonably protects such property from damage or theft; and store removed personal property in an area designated by the city for a period of 90 days.
   (E)   Personal property, including personal effects, stored by the city which is claimed within 90 days from removal shall be released to the person claiming ownership provided they identify the property and the approximate location where the property was left.
   (F)   Disposition of property. Personal property which remains unclaimed after 90 days may be dedicated for public use, may be given to a local nonprofit agency for charitable use, or may be destroyed. Intentionally abandoned property may be summarily abated and destroyed.
(Ord. No. 2966)