Commercial and retail activities in industrial zones shall be limited to those types of uses, which by the size of the product offered or the care and handling of products, requires a significant allocation of space for product display and mechanical handling, or products and goods that are typically marketed to other industrial types of users and services.
   (A)   Types of commercial products and services are limited to the following:
      (1)   Electrical, paint, and plumbing supply;
      (2)   Janitorial, building, and property maintenance services, and equipment sales and rental;
      (3)   Construction and agricultural equipment sales, rental, and service;
      (4)   Medium and heavy-duty trucks sales, rental, and service;
      (5)   Hardware in association with lumber and building material sales;
      (6)   Spas, hot tubs, and prefabricated pools;
      (7)   Flooring, surfaces, and cabinet sales;
      (8)   Equipment, truck, trailer, and light vehicle rental;
      (9)   Recreational vehicles and watercraft sales, service, and rental;
      (10)   Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, printing services, and similar uses intended to primarily serve the businesses and employees of adjacent industrial areas;
      (11)   Breweries and associated food service, winery tasting rooms, and similar uses as determined by the planning manager; and
      (12)   Similar types of uses and activities as determined by the planning manager.
   (B)   Permit requirements. The uses identified in subsection (A) above are subject to the permit requirements in section 16-163.
(Ord. No. 2958, 2985)