(A)   Minimum number of units - To obtain a concession under section 16-420F, below, at least 16 affordable units shall be provided.
   (B)   Maximum density - The allowable density of units per acre for the -AH additive zone is the amount shown on the zoning map. All sites allow between 20 and 39 units per acre. AAHOP project density is based on the site size less land dedications for roadway widening required by the 2030 general plan circulation diagram (Figure 4-1).
   (C)   Density bonus applications - Because AAHOP projects are 100& affordable, they automatically qualify for the State density bonus if the developer files a density bonus permit request under Division 7A of Article V of Chapter 16 (commencing with section 16-410A).
   (D)   Subdivisions - AAHOP projects may be subdivided in a manner that portions of the project may exceed the designated housing density or have a different compatible use, so long as the overall applicable density is achieved.
(Ord. No. 2913)