The following requirements apply to any use with drive-through facilities:
   (A)   Each drive-through lane shall be separated from the circulation routes necessary for ingress or egress from the property, or access to any parking space.
   (B)   Each drive-through lane shall be striped, marked, or otherwise distinctly delineated.
   (C)   The principal pedestrian access to the entrance of the drive-through facility shall not cross the drive-through lane.
   (D)   The vehicle stacking capacity for uses containing drive-through facilities shall be as follows:
Stacking Requirements
Fast-food restaurant
Stacking for three cars between the order board and the pickup window and stacking for five cars behind the order board.
Bank drive-thru windows
Stacking for five cars for each window.
(`64 Code, Sec. 36-7.1.29)  (Ord. No. 2021)