(A)   General requirements and limitations for all zones are as follows:
      (1)   A sign shall not flash, scintillate, move, change color, appear to change color or change intensity, or contain any part or attachment which does the same; provided, however, this subsection shall not apply to public service time and temperature signs in commercial and industrial zones.
      (2)   (a)   Banners, pennants, flags and captive balloons are not permitted except pursuant to a temporary use permit as authorized by the director for a period not to exceed one month for grand opening purposes.
         (b)   Grand opening purposes allow promotional signs or devices displayed only when an existing permanent business changes ownership or a new permanent business opens.  Grand opening purposes arise only within three months of the issuance of a city business license.
      (3)   Except as otherwise provided herein, portable or movable signs are not permitted,  and paper, cloth or similar temporary signs are not permitted on the exterior of any building unless placed within a glass showcase or permanent framed area designed for that purpose.
      (4)   Flood lighting used for illumination of any sign is permitted only when such lighting is installed on private property and is hooded or shielded so that the light source is not visible from the public streets, alleys, or highways of any residentially zoned property.
      (5)   The director shall permit one double-faced permanent directional sign per vehicular entrance, provided such signs do not exceed three square feet in area each, in addition to signs permitted elsewhere in this article, if such signs are needed for traffic safety.
      (6)   Two construction signs not exceeding 32 square feet in area each are permitted on a parcel of property, providing that such signs are located and regulated in accordance with this chapter.
      (7)   Where the public convenience and necessity require, the commission may grant a special use permit allowing identification signs along major thoroughfares entering the city within 1,000 feet of the city boundary showing the name of the city and the names of nonprofit, civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, provided the overall size of the sign, including all riders, is not larger than 50 square feet.
      (8)   No sign shall be permitted in or over a public street right-of-way except that signs constructed on the face of a building that is located on the property line and parallel to a public street may project over such right-of-way a maximum of 12 inches.
      (9)   Roof signs are not permitted in any zone.
      (10)   Any attached sign which projects over a public right-of-way or any driveway or walkway shall have a minimum vertical clearance of eight feet above said right-of-way, driveway or walkway.
      (11)   No attached sign or wall sign shall project more than 12 inches from the building face, canopy face or wall upon which it is displayed.
      (12)   No illuminated signs shall be permitted within 100 feet of and facing residentially zoned property.
      (13)   In addition to any signs permitted by other sections of this article, gasoline service stations may be permitted the following signs:
         (a)   A red, yellow or green availability flag;
         (b)   Gasoline price panels on gasoline pumps provided that the panels do not exceed 8 inches by 12 inches in size; and
         (c)   Not more than two signs which are either a portable, ground-mounted or landscaped monument type sign.  The total combined sign area for all such signs shall not exceed 80 square feet.  Such signs shall be used exclusively for displaying grades of motor fuel, prices and hours of operation.  No such sign shall have a greater width than five feet or a greater height than five feet as measured from the ground.
         (d)   The signs referred to in subsection (c) above shall be made of weather-resistant materials and not of  paper, cloth or similar materials.  The permitted portable ground-mounted, or landscaped ground monument sign shall not be located so as to create an obstruction to traffic visibility, shall be adequately anchored or supported to prevent overturning, and shall not be located upon or within any public right-of-way.  A ground-mounted or monument sign requires building permit approval.
   (B)   Signs permitted by this section shall not be included in determining the total allowable sign area permitted by this article, nor shall permits be required for such signs.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-187)  (Ord. No. 1573, 1633, 1861, 1945)