Only the following signs are permitted in the C-O zone:
   (A)   Unlighted or softly backlighted attached signs not to exceed one square foot in area for each lineal foot building frontage on the principal street and not exceeding 50 square feet of total sign area.  Such signs shall display only the name and address of the office building and/or the tenants therein and shall not project above the top of the building face.
   (B)   Where walls or solid fences are permitted by this chapter for commercial office projects, one unlighted or backlighted wall sign may be attached to such wall or fence, provided that the sign does not project above the top of the wall or fence and that the total area of the sign does not exceed the sign area permitted in subsection (A) above.  Said sign may display only the name and address of the commercial office project.
   (C)   Where buildings in excess of one story are allowed by a special use permit, a sign exceeding 50 square feet in area may be permitted as part of the special use permit, provided the sign area does not exceed ten percent of the area of the building face upon which the sign is located.
   (D)   One unlighted sign not more than six square feet in area per side, pertaining only to the sale or lease of the property or premises upon which displayed, provided that the sign is not located closer than ten feet to any property line.
   (E)   Subdivision signs as permitted in section 16-612.
   (F)   Monument signs which meet the following standards are permitted in the C-O zone:
      (1)   One sign on the principal street frontage, provided that the parcel or parcel group has at least 100 lineal feet of frontage.  The sign shall be located in the center 80 percent portion of the frontage of the subject property.
      (2)   The height of the sign shall not exceed four feet.  However, if the sign is located more than 35 feet from curb return area, the height shall not exceed six feet.
      (3)   The total sign area shall not exceed 50 square feet.
      (4)   The sign shall be located no closer than ten feet from the established property line and in a landscaped area.
      (5)   The sign copy shall be limited to identification of the building and tenants and shall contain no other advertising.
      (6)   The style and building materials of the sign shall be compatible with the building and shall be subject to approval by the director.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-184)  (Ord. No. 1573, 1861, 1914)