(A)   Modifications to special use permits that do not intensify the use of the parcel or have any additional adverse effect on abutting parcels or the general health, safety, or welfare are minor modifications.
   (B)   An  application for a minor modification shall be filed with the director.  Three copies of the site plan, elevation and landscape plan, if applicable, shall be submitted with a letter outlining the requested modification.
   (C)   Fees for filing an application for a minor modification to a special use permit shall be set by resolution of the city council.
   (D)   Upon review of the application, the director shall issue a written decision approving,  conditionally approving or denying the application within the time period prescribed by State law.
   (E)   The decision of the manager may be appealed to the commission within ten days of the date of issuance, in accordance with the procedure for hearing an application for a special use permit as provided in this chapter.  The decision of the commission shall be final.