SEC. 16-479.  TIME LIMITS.
   (A)   The director in conjunction with other affected city departments shall determine the time limitations of temporary uses, which shall not exceed the following maximum time limits for the following uses:
      (1)   Three consecutive days:  outdoor sales.
      (2)   Ten consecutive days:
         (a)   Auctions;
         (b)   Concerts;
         (c)   Outdoor religious revival meetings;
         (d)   Outdoor carnivals, circuses, rodeos and itinerant shows; and
         (e)   Mechanical amusement rides.
      (3)   Thirty consecutive days:  grand opening signs (one time only).
      (4)   Forty-five consecutive days:  Christmas tree lots.
      (5)   One hundred eighty consecutive days, with thirty day extension for climatic hardships:
         (a)   Vegetable, fruit or flower stands; and
         (b)   Youth, charitable or nonprofit organization projects.
      (6)   Until the construction has received final utility clearance:
         (a)   Construction signs; and
         (b)   Construction yard and office.
   (B)   No more than three outdoor sales shall occur on the same site or at the same facility during a calendar year.
   (C)   No new temporary use permit shall be issued within 30 days from the expiration date of a similar temporary use permit for the same property, or from removal of materials or structures associated with the use, whichever occurs later.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-4.5)  (Ord. No. 1633, 1836)