Any project developed pursuant to this division shall comply with the following regulations and any permit issued for such a project shall incorporate the following regulations as conditions of approval:
   (A)   Maximum dwelling unit density -
      (1)   The dwelling unit density shall not exceed the number of units determined by dividing the total net area of the project by the minimum lot area requirements of the respective zone.
      (2)   Fractions shall be disregarded in determining the permitted numbers of units.
   (B)   Minimum area and dimensions of lots - The area, width, and depth of individually owned parcels of land within the project shall be established by site plan approval.  The commission shall consider the following circumstances before approving the project:
      (1)   Topography of the land;
      (2)   The ground area covered by dwellings and accessory structures;
      (3)   Location of common space and its relationship to the dwellings to be served; and
      (4)   Aesthetic relationships between individual dwellings and open spaces.
(`64 Code, Sec. 36-7.13.4)  (Ord. No. 2132)