(A)   A planned residential group may be approved by issuance of a special use permit in accordance with sections 16-530 to 16-553
   (B)   A special use permit for a planned residential group may vary the density, area, yards, height, parking and fencing requirements of the zone when such action is in accordance with the basic principles and intent of this chapter and the commission finds and determines that:
      (1)   A substantial improvement of the use of the land will be thereby effected, and there will not be any detrimental effect upon the surrounding area;
      (2)   The residential use proposed is permitted within the zone;
      (3)   Building will substantially conform with plot plans and elevations submitted in support of the special use permit; and
      (4)   The applicant has demonstrated that population densities proposed are in conformance with existing and proposed public facilities, such as streets, sewers, water, schools and parks.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-112.1)  (Ord. No. 1046)