(A)   As used in this division, a “community ownership unit” means any townhouse condominium, condominium, office condominium, commercial condominium, industrial condominium, residential stock cooperative, commercial stock cooperative, industrial stock cooperative, community apartment, or timeshare.
   (B)   No building shall be constructed which is intended to be sold, nor shall any existing building be converted for sale as a community ownership unit, until a special permit is obtained.  If a special use permit or a planned development permit is required by another provision of this chapter, only one application need be filed and only one fee paid.
   (C)   A special use permit may be granted for a community ownership unit that is consistent with the adopted general plan; conforms to policies, ordinances and standards that are related to the specific area and type of development; and conforms to the requirements set forth in the standards pertaining to any form of a community ownership unit.  The conditions imposed on a special use permit for a community ownership unit may address factors affecting the establishment, operation or maintenance of the requested use, including but not limited to:
      (1)   Number and type of units, patios, common areas, parking, pathways, entrances, landscaping, communication terminals, design, aesthetics, utilities, amenities, circulation, storage, buffers, building orientation, security, handicap facilities, energy efficiency, mitigation of adverse environmental impacts, owners’ association, and deed restrictions;
      (2)   Those factors identified in section 16-532 of this code; and
      (3)   Other factors affecting the public health, safety and welfare.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-112.2)  (Ord. No. 1706, 1814, 1959)