(A)   To achieve the purpose of this article, the commission shall require that all conversions conform to the requirements of the code in effect at the time of tentative subdivision map approval, except as otherwise provided herein.
   (B)   No apartment building which is a nonconforming use or a nonconforming structure because of parking, setback, height, interior yard space and other zoning ordinance standards, shall be eligible for conversion.
   (C)   All provisions of the code must be met and any nonconformity corrected prior to the approval of the final map, unless adequate security is provided, as approved by the finance director, to assure completion of such corrective work prior to the close of escrow of any unit in the community housing project.
   (D)   The commission shall require conformance with the standards of this section in approving the special use permit.
      (1)   Building regulations - Except as herein provided, the conversion project shall conform to all city ordinances, including the city building code, plumbing code, mechanical code and electric code in effect on the date that the last building permit was issued for the subject structure or structures before the application was filed.
      (2)   Fire prevention -
         (a)   Smoke detectors - Each living unit shall be provided with approved detectors of the products of combustion other than heat, conforming to the latest Uniform Building Code standards, mounted on the ceiling or wall at a point centrally located in the corridor or area giving access to rooms used for sleeping purposes.
         (b)   Maintenance of fire protection systems - All fire hydrants, fire alarm systems, portable fire extinguishers and other fire protective appliances shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times.
         (c)   Maintenance of emergency vehicle access/fire lanes - All emergency vehicle access and established fire lanes shall be maintained.
      (3)   Sound transmission -
         (a)   Shock mounting of mechanical equipment.  All permanent mechanical equipment, such as motors, compressors, pumps and compactors, which are determined by the building official to be a source of structural vibration or structure-borne noise shall be shock-mounted with inertia blocks or bases and/or vibration insulators in a manner approved by the building official.
         (b)   Noise standards - The structure shall conform to all interior and exterior sound transmission standards of Chapter 35 (Appendix) of the Uniform Building Code.
      (4)   Utility metering - Each dwelling unit shall be separately metered for gas, water and electricity.
      (5)   Landscape maintenance - All landscaping shall be restored as necessary and maintained to achieve a good appearance and high quality.
      (6)   Condition of equipment and appliances - The developer shall provide written certification and 90 day warranty to the buyer of each unit at the close of escrow that any dishwashers, garbage disposals, stoves, refrigerators, hot water tanks and air conditioners that are provided are in operable working condition as of the close of escrow.  At such time as the homeowners' association takes over management of the development, the developer shall provide written certification and a 90-day warranty to the association that any pool and pool equipment (filter, pumps, chlorinator) and any appliances and mechanical equipment to be owned in common by the association is in operable working condition.
      (7)   Refurbishing and restoration - All main buildings, structures, fences, patio enclosures, carports, accessory buildings, sidewalks, driveways, landscaped areas and additional elements as required by the commission shall be refurbished and restored as necessary to achieve a good appearance, high quality and high degree of safety.
      (8)   Advisory physical standards - In addition to the above, the proposed community housing project shall meet any mandatory development standards and shall substantially conform to any advisory standards for the construction of new community housing projects, which standards have been adopted by the city council and are in effect at the time of the application for conversion is deemed complete.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-226)  (Ord. No. 1805)